no demons... just some gremlins and a boa constrictor

no demons
just gremlins and a boa constrictor

no demons
I did not have mid-week butterflies
I was not crippled by pre-race anxiety
no demons... no time for demons
I was on full dad duty with my wife in california
the race was a bit of an after thought

my lack of focus on my race machine nearly crippled me
the specialized cross bike did not make it to the pits
the rear frogleg went on real pretty
the shimano brake came off the fork taking the brake post with it
while the jamis nova got little more than some lube and a turn of a screw a limit screw since charm city

at ed sanders as I got ready to pre-ride the course I felt some play with the left pedal
I checked the cleat
the cleat was tight
I checked the pedal
when I went for the pedal the crank arm nearly fell from the bike

no pre-ride
my focus was on getting this crank arm fastened on well enough to race

things tightened up nicely enough

things were working well enough in the race
I avoiding the red zone
I was not feeling like testing my personal limits
I was racing cross with the notion of pace... cross is not about pace... cross is about over extention
while pacing myself through the race I hit a bump that sent my handlebars tilting down
which is fine... the Paul's cross levers were fine for topbar braking
but I was getting comfortable on the hoods

gremlins had been messing with my bike
everything was coming loose
I was certain my seatpost was going to slip before the race ended
but that did not happen... I has stared with it already low enough

what the gremlins were doing to my bike was as difficult to contend with as the what the boa constrictor was doing to my body
somehow a boa constrictor had gotten inside my body before the race
early in the race this boa wrapped itself around my lower spine
through the race the boa started gripping tighter on my spine
slowly getting tighter
slowly getting a grip on more of my spine

with all my complaints it was an excellent day on the bike

I stayed out of the red
I avoided getting cooked on the first lap
I worked the course with a little engine that could mentality
rather than el borracho running with the bulls

the course was as beautiful as the day

my boys were there with my dad cheering me on at different parts of the course on each lap
I was passed by all sorts of racers and did not manage to hang with the racers who I usually find myself surrounded with at such events

yes... I am the size of two cross racers
no... I am not making excuses

enough on this
it is late
I am going to be
many pictures to play with later this week


Jim said...

Hey Gwadz, nice racing out there. You held your own. I had no idea the wheels were coming off your bike. Makes it more impressive. You are indeed the size of two cross racers. Me too - Coppi should charge sponsors extra when I wear their name. It doesn't matter, it's the size of the fight in the dog that matters, not the size of the dog in the fight, even in the inverse world of bike racing. Go Magnus!

Perhaps the four of us should form a 'cross team. Or a competitive beer drinking team. We could do pretty well, if the course was flat, and the beer served at appropriate temperature. Your snake can come along too but I'd rather he went off to eat some smaller racers.

D A N O said...