no... I am not going to Interbike

this is that time of year
that time of year where I hear that buzz about Interbike
buzz buzz buzz
I must admit
I like the buzz that I hear
even if that buzz makes me jealous

I like the Pedros product
and the Pedros Philosophy
I just restocked my lubes and degreasers with some Pedros products

I do like the Maxxis tires
in fact I am running the Ignigtor on both my single speed and my geared mountain bikes

hold on... am I running Maxxis tires on my Jamis cyclocross bike?

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gwadzilla said...

although I am not going to Interbike
I am still excited about it

I think that the Booth Babe contest should have something cycling related

with or without a bicycle race tossed in... I still vote for Kerry Litka

it would be fun to see some of these HIRED GUNS out pushing a bike

and yes
I realize that April Lawyer is not a booth girl... but rather a world class athlete