Oli... not Oil... not Ollie... Oli!

Oli Beckingsale
Oli's Diary on the BBC UK

Height- 183 cm

Weight- 62-64 kg

Max Heart Rate- 192bpm

Resting Heart Rate- 40bpm

Max Aerobic power- 480-495 watts

Threshold Power- 380-400 watts

Max Sprint Power- 1020 watts

the giant site is unclear
as it appeared that this girl was riding for giant at some level at the shenadoah mountain 100
giant kicked ass at the SSWC
I asked chris scott if there were more than a hundred single speeds at the sm100 this year
he looked shocked at the realization of the size and strength of that class
I wonder if that woman with the giant kit achieve her goals for the nue series

jeremiah bishop is headed to scotland for the world championships
I look forward to reading the tale of jeremiah's experience at the world championships

bikecentric has some photos of some outlaws in scotland and an outlaw in the shenandoahs

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Danielle said...

The Giant girl is Erica Tieszen and she finished in 13th place at Shenandoah, and ended up 3rd in the NUE Series. She's really fast!