rider down...

Tara Llanes
pro downhiller

a bad ass on the bike

a babe in a bikini

and if she drinks

I bet she will drink you under the table

this weekend past Tara Llanes crashed in the Jeep King of the Mountain race in Vail, Colorado
the crash was moderately serious
well... very serious... but better than death
there will be surgeries
there will be bills

Tara can use your support...
both emotional and monetary

tara you are in my thoughts
and in my wavering agnostic sort of ways you are in my prayers

heal up fast
stay positive

tara @ myspace
tara's road to recovery website

more on this on bicycling.com

*yes, fritz is correct
on the road to recovery website there was mention of Tara being paralyzed from the waist down
we must all try to stay optimistic and send good thoughts
good thought
whatever you call it
she needs it
tara you are in our thoughts
you are part of our family
take care and heal up fast
this is certainly a hard time for you and your family
peace be with you


Fritz said...

She's paralyzed from the waist down, isn't she? That's always bad, but if you make your living from your legs it's especially serious.

gwadzilla said...


I had not read that she was paralyzed from the waste down
I heard that there were spinal injuries and that she was in surgery
no matter what you living is
it is pretty bad
on the upside
she is in Vail
and the sports medicine folks there are the best in the country
I am thinking positive at this point
I hope that the surgeries go well
and that her biggest worries are her bills
I will check some other resources to see if I can get the specifics of the injuries

IF Chicks said...

she has broken back in C7 and L1
which is in two different places (the T1-12 thorasic vertebrae are in between the crevical and lumbar)

Hopefully things will be better than the doctors might expect..gotta admire the DH girls..not easy, she sounded like she was always very athletic.

gwadzilla said...

I will admit
I do not know about the odds
I guess I figured that if she is having surgery
they have hope
the marvels of modern medicine?

I want this to be a story with a happy ending

I want to read in the papers that she walks again
I want to read in the papers that she rides again

am I foolish to think that she will return to life as she once knew it?