the shenandoah mountain 100 delivers again

the shenandoah mountain 100 delivers again

it was a fantastic race weekend
the weather of the day
the weather leading up to the event
it was all pretty close to perfect

this is just a word to voice my appreciation to everyone involved in putting together this event
chris scott and all the shenandoah mountain touring company
chris scott's mom and dad
scott scudamore and all those amazing volunteers
the energy of the event would not be what it is without the energy of the volunteers
and of course the list of sponsors

the vibe of the weekend was as it has been
I feared that the the increase in number of racers, the event being part of some 100 miler endurance series, and the presence of Floyd Landis would change things
things were are they were
things were as they should be

people were there for a full on race weekend experience

some serious riding and some serious fun

the level of intensity on the course at all levels is high
from the first finisher than the last
the journey of the last finisher is in so many ways more difficult than the journey of the leader

thank chris scott and company for a fantastic weekend
thanks to all the volunteers at the campground and to each volunteer at each aid station
thanks to scott for making that last batch of fries
and of course
thanks to all the sponsors
events like this could never happen without the cast of volunteers, the sponsors, and the man behind the curtain... the promoter

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Anonymous said...

It was an incredible day to be in the company of so many good riders, so many committed volunteers, and so much natural beauty. Once again SMT delivers!

Nice write up.