so much can happen in the course of one hundred miles

some shots of chris eatough the night before the race
chris looking relaxed with film maker jason berry

chris was my top pick for the top seat
without jeremiah bishop there I was confident that chris was the man to set the pace and win the race

but... so much can happen in the course of one hundred miles
things can happen to the bike
things can happen to the body
chris appears to be bullet proof
chris' mechanical history is the inverse of adam craig's

early in the race chris eatough's bike failed him
something happened to his rear wheel and he had to roll off the course early
a bummer that he did not get to battle things out with the fast guys in the front
but luckily chris had sealed his top endurance seat the weeked prior in utah

chris sorry you did not get to race your race
congrats on you

NUE: National Ultra Endurance Series
NUE Results

24 Solo: a film by jason berry about chris eatough's quest for a seventh consecutive 24 hour solo championship


Jason Berry said...

Joel, always good to see you and read your words. Thanks for the constant support and as far as the race goes - it took me 7 years of dreaming and trying to break the 10 hour mark but finally... And when I did, Poz still beat me! Even tho I emulated him down to the chops. Best thing about this race is that there's always next year!

Or is the best thing the fries?

Or that 7 mile DH?

Or the cute girls at checkpoint 3?

Or lining up beside world champions?


Liz Schleeper said...

I tried to find you there, but I guess I do not even know what you look like! What a great wkend (other than things like failed wheels of course).