some images from the campground at the Shenandoah Mountain 100

snapped a few shots as I arrived at the campground in stokesville
had the camera
did not focus on the camera
had to focus on the race
had to focus on the event
yes I know that focus is a play on words

I managed to snap a few photos

not sure how the race went for this lady
I think she was in contention for one of the top seats in the Endurance Series
I also think she rides/races for giant
I also think she is cute
her being cute is the only thing I can confirm
will wait for the results to be posted to see who she is and how she finished

some blogs from the kids at giant

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gwadzilla said...

10:57:10 163 140 Erica Tieszen Giant / Smith / DaKine Open Women F 13

erica was just a tad in front of me

had I known I would have sped up to say hello

she is fast
not sue haywood fast
but she is fast