ridethewomble said...

Hey, pampered Wall Street dudes -- it's time to HTFU, both of you.

A slap fight in the Equinox Health Club, followed by petulant, whiny litigation, over a SPIN CLASS? What's next? A temper tantrum over spilled Kabala water? Some vigorous name calling over who has next on the Pilates machine?

It's a wonder anyone can get a proper workout a self-entitle-a-torium like Equinox.


Tom said...

Where do you find this crap at!
I guess next time I'm on a group ride I gotta worry about somebody going postal over my noisey BB.

gwadzilla said...

my staff works very hard to get all the news that a cyclist needs to get through the day

this came from Kerry Combs of IF

when she is not entering raffles under my name and winning bikes that she has yet to pass over to me

she is assisting my blog addiction

and working as my life coach
she is my own personal Stewart Smally

IF Chicks said...

Stewart Smally ??

I prefer to be Angela Mao from Enter the Dragon with advice like Kaine from Kung Fu.

You need to get over the raffle thing now or you will really be sad once you see the frame+ fork in person. It is not built up yet, I need to raise funds via eBay.