the spirit of the day at the ed sanders memorial cyclocross race

the spirit of the day at the ed sander's memorial cyclocross event

ray charles could have pointed a camera in any direction to have captured the spirit of the day at the ed sander's memorial cyclocross event

the intensity in all the classes was only matched by the comaraderie

right now cyclocross has an energy that is nothing short of positive
it was not long ago that cross was considered a place you could go to laugh at yourself
now people are starting to get serious with cyclocross
yet it is still very much fun

the images above are from the lil belgian cross race that the folks at NCVC hosted for the kids today
the image plays out the story of the day no different from the perspective of the adult racers

anxiety was broken with prerides and final checks on the bike
there was some confusion at the line why some people are getting call ups while others are not
there are some games of cat and mouse
the course gets more fluid after a few laps
barriers get more difficult as the race progresses
the competition creates comaraderie

after the race strangers become friends as the share in the excitement of the day


crs said...

Smack talk on the left, hammering out of saddles...awesome!!!

gwadzilla said...

the funny thing about this comment

it when I had first titled this post "the spirit of the day" I had intended on a collage of one of the racers who often sums of the spirit of the day for me

but I will have to assemble that collage for another post

which may happen tonight
it is early
I am a night owl

gwadzilla said...

I am not sure if that comment made any sense

much like my blog postings

things would better if I bothered to proof stuff

Marc said...

the positive vibe at CX races is awesome- friends and strangers cheer you on, people race hard then congratulate each other afterwards.

It's awesome that there's all these races, fields are swelling, people look forward to the season, and it's retained the positive energy.

'cross is the BOSS!

marc g - not vettori... that's why I add the g :)