this is joey

this is joey
joey is just like you and me

joey got hurt riding his bike
no... not as bad as tara llanes
joey will recover will definitely recover back to 100 percent
but... joey will still be out of work and stuck with some bills

joey needs your support
joey needs your help

there is going to be a benefit race
there is going to be raffle of a bike from Vicious Cycles


I did not really meet these guys at the Shenandoah Mountain 100
but I was around Mandi on her single speed
we did some cat and mouse early on
not sure where she passed me
but I recall her specifically rocking the course on her single speed
check the site and see what you can do to help

I am definitely buying some raffle tickets
I did not win the bike in Harlan's raffle
but I was pleased to meet him after his glorious finish at The 100
yes.. the 100.. like the university
virginia can be so arrogant

it is cool that Kerry won the bike
it is lame that she did not give it to me
and I thought she was my friend
KC's photos remind me of my daydream driving back from home depot...
I think MegA worked at College Park Bikes while I worked at Big Wheel
oddly enough we shared a mechanic
not as kinky as it sounds... although he was quite cute

it is fact
a bottle of wine makes me a push over
I have been trying to say no to the blog for an hour
while the blog has had its way with me for the last hour
I must be strong
I must step away from the blog
I must go to bed

good night


Rocco said...

kerry should have given you the bike. whats wrong with her?


Rocco said...

i will buy a tickt to support mr riddle..
he a good lil westvirgineean

gwadzilla said...

what was kerry thinking?

but I am not worried
cause if she wins this Vicious Cycle I am certain she will spec it out for me

and I will be buying tickets myself
but raffles have never been a strength of mine