this reminds me... I need to order some midge bars

the boys at bikecentric are back from scotland

that custom set up has me thinking that I need to order some Midge On One bars

Outlaws should have words on many race topics after this awesome race weekend

Single Speed Outlaw


Jim said...

On One makes some pretty good stuff. Y'know, for being Calderdale's Second Best Bike Company.

I have Mary Bars on my MTB, and when the 29'er comes in, the stock bars are going out, the Marys are going on the new hoopty.

An Il Pompino figures prominently in my bike dreams.

Frank Brigandi said...

lookat the origin8 space bar also... not as wide, but definately a nice out and back sweep... I love em' and uber cheap. I have a set if you can;t find themin your neck o the woods.

Craig said...

bars on the bottom in that photo - what are they?


gwadzilla said...

I think those are similar to the MIDGE BARS

a few companies make something similar
WTB makes a similar set of bars
so do others