wounder warrior project continues...

Solidier's Ride
part of the Wounded Warrior Project

another project for the Wounded Warrior

let it be clear in the head of our soldiers
we may be against this war
but we are not against our soldiers

too many lives are being changed
too many lives are being lost
and for what?

I am not sure how our occupation of Iraq is making life better for the residents of Iraq
too many lives on both sides have been altered

bring back the troops


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. For more info please see www.soldierride.org. If you're going to Interbike the Wounded Warrior Project booth is 6383. Ryan Kules who was wounded in Iraq and now works for WWP will be at the booth for the duration of Interbike. There will be a meet the troops event at 4 pm at our booth on Thursday Sept 27th. We will have between 15 and 20 wounded vets present along with special guest Bob Roll.

Woody Groton
Soldier Ride National Tour Director
Wounded Warrior Project

gwadzilla said...

thanks for your comment

I met a member of the Wounded Warrior Project some time back
he had lost his right leg from the knee down and was cycling with a prosthetic limb
He was an inspiration to meet
He was not bitter, in fact he was very positive
My kids were there and I introduced them to him and tried to explain to my kids what a real soldier was

This is a great project
not just the cyclists in the Wounded Warrior Project/Soldier's Ride
but the whole notion of building esteem and getting people interested in living and experiencing life again

I will not be at Interbike
but hopefully this link/mention here will remind people to slow and say hello at your booth

Thanks for your work
it is appreciated