yes... marsha again

yes... marsha again

and yes
I know that is not how she spells her name

I walk the same short circles around my office
the same messengers make drops at the same clients throughout their day
thus the chance of crossing paths with the same messengers rather different messengers each day

I am always looking for the Bipsquack Bird
I have yet to photograph the Bipsquack Bird


Sooz said...

marsha marsha marsha!

someone had to say it

gwadzilla said...


in my short snowboard through colorado in my early 20's there was this girl andrea that had a very marsha brady

she was a pretty cool chic
hot by summit county standards
definitely solid on the snowboard

she ran into a tree and broke her nose
broken nose
black eyes
marsha brady look

there was plenty of replay of "oh my nose... oh my nose"

marsha marsha marsha

I root for the underdog

jan jan jan

how ya been?
racing cross in boulder this fall?


cleaman said...

marcia, marcia, marcia! (correct spelling. - 281)

gwadzilla said...

spelling was never one of my strengths