I needed a new wallet anyway...

this weekend at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross race I managed to misplace my wallet

it is not clear if the wallet fell from my pocket while I was crawling around on the ground playing photographer, while I was chasing my kids in the Lil Belgian Cross Race, or if my kids threw it to the side while they were digging through my bags looking for another cowbell or another Gatorade

all I know is that when I arrived home Sunday evening I was feeling the absence of my wallet

I needed a new wallet anyway...
just as well...
now is a good time to get an updated image on my driver's license as well as some fresh credit cards with new expiration dates

yesterday I stepped out of work early
not to ride my bike
but to drive out to Fredneck to walk the course and search for my wallet

traffic was a bitch
I was in my car with my black dog brutus by my side
I was wrong in thinking that I would miss traffic
I may have missed Rush Hour traffic... but I got stuck in pre-Rush Hour traffic

Brutus and I enjoyed walking the course
Lilypons is a beautiful piece of land
a beautiful piece of land that may be hiding my wallet from me

I really wanted to find my wallet

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