it is fall... this is the season for cox farms

it is fall
this is the season for cox farms

it is hard to imagine that there is anything else to look forward to during fall other than cyclocross
well... to some cyclocross does not even exist

my kids could not define cyclocross
but they could talk your ear off about cox farms
slides, pumpkins, a tractor pulled hay ride, kettle corn, more slides, face painting, apples, apple sauce, pigs, cows, and goats
energy and excitement

this weekend my brother inlaw came down from pittsburgh with two of his four boys
the cousins... the cousins bring the energy of my children to eleven

like a kid whinng about disney I stomped my feet and said that I wanted to go to cox farms
halloween is rapidly approaching
there are not that many free weekends
not sure if I am racing granogue
but I am definitely racing dccx
so if cox farm was going to happen it had to happen this weekend past

thankfully the kids had a great time there were no complaints
well... I did not get to go down as many slides as I wanted
but there were no complaints from the kids
it was hot
the kids got thirst
the kids got tired
but there were no complaints

my brother inlaw bill took the kids straight from their soccer games saturday before the drive south
that explains the shin guards and cleats on the boys

my boys are ward and rothenburg are mine
oh... and I am mean joe green

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