marion jones is just another rosie ruiz

marion jones...
just another rosie ruiz
or better yet
along with her roided out husband she fits well into the roll of bonnie in bonnie and clyde

do I feel sorry for her?

she lied
she cheated
she stole

she is an athletic thief

just another fast moving bank robber

it is time for someone to bring down the house of cards
if everyone is guilty
then everyone should step forward
it is not fair if a few people are put on trial if everyone is just as guilty

marion jones will have to give up her medals
will the team mates on the 400 and 1,600 meter relays have to give up their medals
and what about the doper who won the silver behind marion... a known doper gets the gold?

if everyone is guilty
then everyone should stand forward

I am Spartacus!

I am Spartacus!

no... I am Spartacus!

it is said that marion jones is broke
I have no compassion for someone who squandered stolen money

that said
for justice to be served
justice needs to be distributed across the board
in my metaphor for the speed limit... the accepted breaking of the speed limit... and excessive breaking of the speed limit
it is not fair to pick a single car out of a pack if all the cars are going 65MPH in a 55MPH Zone
even if that car is first in the pack
gwadzilla archive where I wrote about landis and this sort of idea


Craig (big ring) said...

she's dope . . . . I mean, she's a doper!

Roman Holiday said...

Another junkie.

gwadzilla said...

yep again

gwadzilla said...

yep again