the missing sense... common sense

the missing sense... common sense

my problem with the headpones is not just the removal of our sense of hearing
the use of headphones takes people out of the zone
puts them into a selfish focus
in most cases it turns people into an iDiot

snowboarding making turns to the music... sure if you are out of bounds
but would'nt the beat of your heart over the silence being cut by slicing turns be more appealing
then on the multiuse trail... it is more than not hearing the audible "on your left"
it makes people senseless... as if they were riding blind
not in touch with their bike
not in touch with those around them

another version of a similar anti-iPod idea on gwadzilla
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iconoclaSSt said...

Hmm...what are your feelings about deaf cyclists?

gwadzilla said...

the deaf athlete tends to be hyper aware
compensating for the absence of that sense

in college I played soccer against the Galludet team
they were fierce competitors
some would say that they played with a chip on their shoulder
but that is not the issue

they looked when others listened

I am certain that a deaf cyclist would follow that same sort of logic

gwadzilla said...

and of course...

I have an iPod and I am typing on my MAC

gewilli said...

but gwadzilla,

do you listen to your iPod when riding you bike?

owning one doesn't imply using it like a retard...

gwadzilla said...

I was just trying to make it clear it is not that I am anti-iPod
I am anti-headphones while on the bike (or snowboard etc)

no... I do not ride with headphones


Roman Holiday said...

Read my take on iPods:


Jan said...

Do you think those in cars with the windows rolled up and music blaring are out of touch with the road and those around them, in a similar way that a cyclist would with both ears plugged in?

The current law in virginia (I don't know about the District) says it's illegal for motorists or cyclists to wear earphones in, or headphones over, BOTH ears but apparently having only one in is not illegal. How do you feel about that?

Currently drivers are allowed to use cell phones with ear pieces.

Kyle said...

Finally someone is on the same freaking page as me. I said something similar on the bike tickets in Alexandria on mabra listserve. The one freaking exception I will ride with one earpiece in my ear in the dead of winter. When I am the only person on the trail or on hains point I will wear only one head phone and that is only maybe once every two weeks. My biggest gripe is when people do it when the trails are packed. Including runners should not wear them because it is too dangerous to do it on a congested route. There is something nice to not having to listen to anything except your breathing and nature. When you have headphones on you are being inconsiderate jerk to others. Cars have mirrors and big cages that will protect you better than when you are riding your bike there is little to argue about that. Plus I think you are inconsiderate jerk using your cell while driving. California just passed a law saying no phones period. Thank god someone did it. I am done ranting now.