perhaps the last photos and the last mention of the cyclocross race last weekend

this should very well be the last mention of last weekend's cyclocross race at Lilypons just outside of frederick maryland
priorities need to be shifted
whether or not I am racing this weekend I still need to start focusing on the weekend ahead
measuring the commitments
there will be family in town
there will be children's birthday parties
there will be multiple children's birthday parties
there will not be time for a cyclocross race in hagerstown
but I hope that there will be time for cox farm

the above photos are not set up in chronological order
but even if the photos do not work like a storyboard or a comic book
these photos still tell the story of the day

it was an exciting contest within the Elite race at NCVC's cyclocross race last weekend

but rather than me try and tell it
goto jeremiahbishop.com
nothing on C3 about Wes or him having a page
but Chris of C3's account from the Master's B event is worth a look!
chris gives links to photos of the day by MLK and Dennis Smith

hold on... I am not sure if I have seen any of Dennis' photos
maybe he got a shot of me that helps me to remember what I was lacking on that day

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