still reflecting on lily pons

still reflecting on lily pons...

why did I ride the course hard rather than race the race?

had I played paint ball the day prior?
was it the three year old that woke me up at 1:55 the night prior... then kicked me in the head intermidently through the night?
was it fatigue from playing Mr. Mom the days leading into the event as my wife frolicked in sunny southern California?

or maybe I just do not know how to race cyclocross?

why is it that I can hammer a mountain bike race in the red zone at Big Bear WV, Lodi Farms or Wakefield at my personal limits for laps under an hour, but I fear the red zone on my cyclocross bike? (okay... big bear was over an hour laps... but it still a race of pushing hard for the full duration, maybe I should have said raced Fountainhead in the RED ZONE on my single speed for... okay that was a longer than an hour race as well)

is it fit? should I match up the measurements of my cyclocross bikes with my mountain bikes? should I get away from the drop bars and put myself in a more mountain bike pose?

or is it all mental?
do I leave my game face at home?
do I just arrive to ride rather than race?

and yes... my spare tire around the mid-section
no need for a spare tire in cyclocross... especially where there is the opportunity for a pit bike!

joe foley photo from lily pons


gwadzilla said...


maybe I need to slim down

I am already at winter weight!

that is not good

gewilli said...

mental... if you can walk/ride when you are finished with a cross race you didn't race hard/fast enough...

i'm still struggling to get to that point...

Nick said...

You are a big fat fatty.

Just look at how your helmet strap is making a triple outta your double-chin!

Just how much water can you displace?

- Coach

gwadzilla said...

even when not trying for a canonball I make a splash

thanks coach!

you got me pointed in the right direction

drowning my sorrows in a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

gwadzilla said...

yes gewilli

I am just afraid if I red line one straight away I will over cook things and have to sit down trail side

while on the mountain bike I think that the singletracks sets limitation to the maximum speed
while also offering the chance to grove and coast through turns... when the trail allows

in each cross race it is not until the last laps where I am floating through the turns

lots of excessive braking causing unnecessary deceleration which saps more strength to try and get back up to speed

there is still fun to be had
even at the back of the pack


IF Chicks said...

drop those swiss rolls soldier !

If you can climb up to checkpoint #5 in SM100, you can mentally bust ass in a cross race.

You need some advice from the master:

(from enter the dragon)

think red.