those little monkeys... those cute little monkeys

let me make this short...

I found my wallet
my lost wallet is no longer lost

the phone calls to Lilypons
the emails to the NCVC folks that hosted last weekend's cyclocross event
the drive out to Lilypons
the cancelation of credit cards
and all the stress that goes with losing a wallet
it just has to make a person laugh
the wallet was not lost
the wallet was in my house all along

tonight as I let my boys burn some pre-bedtime energy I blogged
I blogged at my desk while they wrestled, ran, jumped, and climbed around me
grant as usual climbed up on the chair then up onto the top of my head
I am used to this... he has been climbing onto the top of my head for some time now
then he climbed down the back of the chair
I felt some digging in the back of the chair

before I could get fatherly and let him know that he was going to break my chair I hear SURPRISE
I turn around and see a familiar piece of old brown leather in front of me
expired cycling license bulging out the side
as my eyes light up and my lips mouth MY WALLET
I hear grant say YOUR WALLET
grant is beaming ear to ear
proud of his little trick

it turns out that grant hid my wallet in the back of the chair at my desk on Sunday night
I word the same question in different ways try and confirm that the wallet was hidden days ago and not just found and then hidden

I laughed
all the stress and all the strain
the rush hour drive with all that traffic out to fredneck
after I laughed I tried to remind grant that keys and wallets are not to be messed with
but I am not sure that my laughter got the point across
yet it was too funny to try and impose my fatherly voice

I still need a new wallet
and other than the stress
it was not so bad
the drive out to lilypons with the dog was sort of nice
very fallesque

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