Where's Waldo? I am older than Waldo... Waldo was not even found once when I was a kid

where's waldo?

I am older than waldo...
or at least no one started looking for waldo until I was older than the age of someone who would be interested in looking for waldo

I bought a where's waldo book for my boys today

after a day which included a playdate with some neighbors where the boys played with a large pile of hay on the back deck by the slide and the clubhouse, then a teacher's conference, followed by a trip to the park, my younger son grant fell asleep on the way home, then some kids from dean's school came over for my sliding around the on the hay... more hay tossing

then after the friends left I tried to introduce the where's waldo book
dean had seen it before
he understood the basic pretense
we worked with the book together for a bit
I read some of the basics
we panned some of the pages together
then I left the boys to things on their own
an hour later they were still scanning the pages
not so much looking for waldo
but looking at all the small details of the various human interaction on the page

when I was a kid it was Richard Scary
which may explain some of my sex role stereotyping in the workplace
and my attraction to bears in nurse's outfits
this book offered city scenes with great detail of animal interaction in the roles of human characters

the book had the boys so entranced that when a young neighbor stopped in
the where's waldo book just sucked him in
when lisa got home with some carry out thai food I let the boys continue with their book while we ate in peace
the boys were within view
while we had a relaxing moment where we could chew our food

gwadzilla archive
where I search for waldo
waldo's bicycle shop in missouri


lauren said...

i was thinking of richard scary when i first started reading this.

handsome pilot and pretty stewardess'... and mom's in the kitchen and pig will and pig won't...

i would sit for hours too. no wonder we had so many of those books around our house growing up.

gwadzilla said...


the subliminal stereotyping
we missed it
the Phds saw it... they made mention of it
all we could remember was that little worm driving a car

looks like you are suffering some pretty serious cyclocross fever!

being athletic is so lady like!
I dig it!