clever... skilled... and a bit lucky

on halloween night I was out front my house walking down the block for phase two of trick or treating

I did not see the blur
but I did hear a smack and a skid
like catching the tail end of a shooting star I managed to see a bicycle accident with a cab

mark the mechanic from city bikes ran into a taxi cab that took a u-turn in front of him
I rushed to the scene
mark was till on the bike
somehow he clung to the cab for the duration of the turn
not saying anything
not doing anything until I was by his side
I looked him over and grabbed his arm to see if he was okay
he was fine
all he said to the cab driver was... aren't you supposed to be on strike?
then he zipped down the hill confident that he was okay
confident that he did not need to stick around any longer

mark is from the true old school
mark was a messenger a few weeks before the day that people are referring to when they say... back in the day

city bikes staff

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lauren said...

phase 2 of trick or treating? i'm not tellin' my kids that.

glad the guy was ok. coulda been a lot worse, for sure.