DCCX could have been documented better...

DCCX should have been documented better...

I took some really bad video with an unfamiliar camera
and yes
I tried to film filler
I was shooting like there were several other cameras

more cameras...
cameras set on tripods...
and this
helmet cams
not just a helmet cam on a DCMTB racer in an event or two
but it would be cool to get some ariel footage

when leaving the course at the US Armed Forces Retirement Home I thought I saw what looked like some sort of remote control airplane club

it would be awesome to have a helmet cam attached to a helecopter
if flown through the course after the lead group... or break away leader
it could be pretty sweet

the camera could chase then zoom overhead waiting at a corner
catching technical section than stepping back into chase

the plane far less choreographic potential than the helicopter

it was tough to throw a race
we focused on throwing the race
there was not time to focus on documentation
all hands were on the basics
prepping the course
setting up the course
racing the course
cheering for others on the course

next year
film it and race it

in addition to all the other tasks

chopper cam
that was just what came up after a simple google
so it does exist


Darren said...

Well Gwadz have no fear the Masters race Video I think looks pretty good. Check your email.

gwadzilla said...

very cool...

am I to guess you are saving this
rather than posting this?


can you get a remote control helicopter with camera?

if it shot little rubber bullets that would be cool too