I am not psychic

I am not psychic
but I am getting something
bud light


iconoclaSSt said...

Definately not psychic, cuz that shit's not beer!

gwadzilla said...


I am not psychic

hope the bootlegger's bliss went well
the weather was fantastic
bet it was a good time

a weekend without bikes for me

lots of different activities with the boys
mostly outside
got to wakefield
but that was to support my wife as she ran one of the Backyard Burn events
my boys ran down phase III several times
my older son was begging to go back this afternoon

almost forgot what I wanted to say...

there is a classic joke in europe about the beers in the united states

it is said that the beer from the united states is like having sex in a canoe...
f_cking close to water!

Mickey's and Red Bull were always high on my list of favorites

iconoclaSSt said...

Bliss went well, thanks. Seventeen turned out, which was about perfect for the venue. Lots of hilarious showboating by the likes of RickyD, SSO, the Disco Cowboy, and Dave Blum, among others. Three or four back-to-back derbies scored 3 tacoed wheels when it was all over.

Great weather, great people, great food, great beer. Sounds like yours was fun, too.

Thanks for the joke; hadn't heard it.