I went to Interbike once... I remember seeing Gary Fisher

I went to Interbike once
it was a good number of years ago
maybe ten... maybe twelve
Interbike was passing through Philly
I was working at a shop... Big Wheel Bikes
yes... I served some time at various Big Wheel Bikes locations
not sure why
guess I am a sucker for punishment and abuse for a small check

so I went up to Interbike with a few folks for Big Wheel
only I did not go with association to Big Wheel Bikes
I went to poke around the industry for information about the niche of the single speed
the mass market single speed had not arrived yet
in fact mountain biking on a single speed had not even started to gurgle much less explode

this was an era before the Internet
or if there was the Internet... well... the Internet did not have as much information and was not as easy to navigate

I had this friend in California, from here... but over in California and he had this idea of a mass market single speed
I had a similar belief in its usefulness and its potential
so we explored production opportunities as we had fun day dreaming about company names and company logos
there were various models with stock accessories and utilitarian names
the commuter version would come stock with fenders and a rack everything black, THE METRO
a more sturdy more beach cruiser style with a more upright seating and wider bars was going to be THE TOWPATH

the daydreams continued
the visions were different
the willingness to risk money was not there
infact... there was no money

in the end we had a few bikes shipped over
not at all what I was looking for
my bike was more for the college kid who rides or doesn't ride
but can appreciate solid and funtional
maybe a cyclist who does not want to cross campus on race/training mountain or road bike
clean paint job
and tasteful parts
but no... this was not possible
we were not looking to build a custom boutique bike
but rather a bike that fit in the store that your mom or dad would buy as well
knowing that they would not use the gears anyway
some people are going to walk the hill no matter what
and who really needs to pedal going downhill?

my friend in california had far greater business ambition than myself
it amazed me that the bikes were ever ordered from where ever in asia
a few years later the mountain bike single speed flooded the market
but that was not where we were going with things
more utilitarian than sport

guess this is just the basic daydream of a bike lover
just like the coffee shop bike shop mix
maybe the used only bike shop and bike co-op/coffee shop
oh man!
movie night at the coffee shop!
that would be so sweet!
guess the man wanting a clubhouse keeps that daydream alive

cool hunting
has an article on this bike from SWOBO

oh... I never got to the Gary Fisher story

I am at Interbike in Philly
we are on our way out
we are looking for the exit so we can head home
and I see Gary Fisher at his booth signing autographs
only no one is there
he is back from lunch and no one has realized yet
and well... I am with a few guys who are already stoked on leaving

I make eye contact
I am drawn by the star power
my then girlfriend now wife had the pre-Trek Fisher Hoo Koo Koo
I did not know how to redirect the momentum
in reality I was just tagging along and was stoke to catch the ride

who ever knows what to say?
I guess... can I have your autograph?... then thanks

but what else?

so I never met Gary Fisher
not even for a hello
not even for an autograph

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