like billy from Family Circus

yesterday I went for a post work ride
it was misty
I had the camera
my legs felt as heavy as my geared Karate Monkey
there were a few minutes to ride before I had to get home to free the babysitter
so I rode

I did not feel like riding
yet I rode just the same

riding my bike to ride my bike
no training ambitions
no races in the immediate future
just going out to ride my bike

with the camera around my neck I started off on the bike

with no particular place to go I meandered around town
like a tumble weed I went with the wind
the wind created by the fast moving traffic

stepped out of the office and threw my leg over the bike
got onto L Street around 20th Street and followed the traffic and rolled with the lights
the momentum of traffic took me off L Street and onto 17th
some familiar faces in Farragutt slowed my ride to a stop
I rolled into the park and leaned my bike and joined some people on the benches
caught up with some people
snapped a few shots

then got back on the bike

again with no particular place to go I followed the flow of traffic
on H Street I chased the fast moving cars
at 12th and H Street I saw the blur that is THC aka Chris Schmidt
on 12th Street I chased the wheel of Chris Schmidt
the camera was around my neck
I just wanted to say hello
snapped some shots of Chris the other day... did not feel like imposing with the camera again
we exchanged a quick hello then I was back on the bike

back on the bike then back on H Street
took H to Mass then took Mass towards Union Station
rush hour traffic was already doing its highway speed and highway aggression on these streets designed for traffic to flow at 25MPH

I passed cyclists going the same direction as me
cyclists passed going the opposite direction
with the crappy point and shoot as my camera option I did not focus so much on the photography
I weaved in and out of traffic with my camera bouncing off my chest

feeling less than inspired I continued to point away from home on the bike
a bad day on the bike is still better than no day on the bike
not everyday needs to be an epic ride
no exploding heart
no sweat on my brow
okay a little sweat on the brow
as I am man and not snail

the day on the bike was not really bad
it was just less than inspirational

at Union Station I see that massive Christmas wreaths have already been hung
it is not even Thanksgiving week
most people have not finished their Halloween candy yet
I have tried
but there is still some candy left

the path of the bike continued up Mass up and around Lincoln Park
as I looked around me I spotted the man on the arm operated bicycle/wheelchair
snapped a few shots as we made our social exchange

then I rolled towards home
there were other potential subjects on the bike
some interesting characters
some cute commuters
some bikes worth documenting
but I did not feel like hassling with the broken and beaten point and shoot
so weaved my way through the city streets towards home

past the Capital Building
off Capital Hill
back on Massachusetts Avenue
headed for home

the ride went without any set of substantial memories
certainly I had a few break outs of turrets
that happens
people are idiots and assholes
my lacking of crumple resistant side panels and the surrounding air bags makes me sensitive to the risks around me
people's lack of respect and lack of concern not only irks me but it scares me
people suck
people are stupid

I get home to smiling wife, my two wild sons, and a dog that is wagging his tail so hard that it is as if he is about to snap himself in half
a kiss from the wife, a hug from the boys, and a shoe from the dog
I take brutus the dog for a quick spin in the woods
light is gone so I put the Petzel on my head and do a short loop in the woods
it is good to get away from the madness
a short break from the madness
the madness of work, the madness of my ride, and the madness in my head
I make dinner for the kids and then assist my older son with his homework

no awards for parenting on this night
I can not fight the momentum
after dinner and homework there is some Nintendo and some time in front of the television
there are nights like this
everything in moderation

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