losing light... crappy camera

losing light shooting shots with a crappy camera this is not the season for the post work photographs it seems that 4:30 may be the cut off point for playing with the camera but... when I went for my "Billy from Family Circus"post work ride I could not resist snapping a few shots I will admit part of the photography process is a social experience for me a social sociological experience the camera offers an excuse to approach people then I can ask some questions and get some answers while on the other side of Capital Hill I saw this man working his way through traffic then cutting across the park I rolled up along side of him and gave him my spiel it is an over practiced piece about me, the camera, the process, and the posting it was clear that he did not want to let his heart rate drop yet he appeased me for a few moments the camera was slow I could have snapped 20 photos with my other camera while with this one I snapped five shots I was glad to get what I got even after running the levels in Photoshop things were still too dark either too blown out our too dark

not visible are massive burns on this man's arm
the atrophy to his legs is not obvious
apparently he was in a motorcycle crash some time ago
but that incident did not stop him from living
getting to encounter someone like this is inspirational to me

able body people sit lifelessly in front of the television
while someone like this not letting his injuries force him to a life in front of the television
the light was dropping and he had many more miles to travel
we said our good byes and he sped away

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