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Trailwork This Weekend: Riverbend (VA) and Upper Rock Creek (MD)

while this weekend past my family did a little trail clean up in Rock Creek Park by our house in washington dc
lisa picked up three hefty bags of trash while dean, grant, and myself worked on some terraced stairs so many of the paths in the woods of Rock Creek Park take the most direct route which is very often quite straight and quite steep
I have had very little luck in rerouting people with switchbacks
so... I have tried to build some natural stairs at a few locations the success has been varied
what stairs that have worked I am very proud of
as humble as these efforts are
things are better with these efforts than they would be without my efforts
many people are not sure what my intentions are when they see these logs on the trail in fact there have been battles where I build an anti-erosion barrier or stairs people have dis-assembled my efforts I appreciate there best intentions maybe they could help out by picking up some trash instead of undermining my actions had then been using these trails as long as I have they would witness their rapid decline the active urban population has grown the professional dog walkers pound a vicious path the runners and the hikers and even the running hashers oh... how I hate the hashers! it all combines into a trail that can not handle all the foot steps in reality these trails need a band aid a band aid in the form of some futile soil and some indigenous plants

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