a shot on L Street than another shot on M

a shot on L Street than another shot on M
I am not so sure that things happened in that order
bruce letting me know about an alleycat
marcia fueling up with some coffee

was traveling with an old point and shoot
the rain and the mist made it seem as if this would be a good day for the camera
so I brought out the old point and shoot rather than my nicer yet still very consumer camera
things cleared up
I was pleased to have a camera to capture some shots at lunch

the point and shoot was brought back to surface for the unofficial dcmtb team ride at gambril the other day
but today it fell apart
the complaints of the slow response time and digital delay are no more
as I do not think I will be traveling with the old point and shoot any more
today the built in lens cover refused to open
it conveniently pops off
I do not see this camera surviving much more use

some shots of DCCX
enough time has passed that there is no real reason to talk about it
other than things look good as far as making this an annual event in dc

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