some fixie freak on youtube

some fixie freak on youtube

not positive
I think that is the BAD BRAINS on the soundtrack

this video is well worth sharing

do not forget
RickyD is leading an OFF Road Fixie ride in Fredneck

Tomi's blog is well worth a regular visit


foleyj said...

This guy has found the secret. Thought you might be interested. Sweet blog by the way.
JJ - (Joe Foley's bro)

Luke said...

Thanks for posting my video. Certainly appreciate the exposure. The music is You only Die Once by The Accused, a late 80s classic.

gwadzilla said...

thanks for the link
how is the geared cross bike?
looks like a sweet ride
until the east offers a single speed class for cross
I think gears make most sense

the Accused...
I bet they credit Bad Brains first in their list of influences
great video
it was turned onto me by Chris McGill

-jg.. another jj

foleyj said...

The new ride is a big help, i guess now i am not getting blown by on the flats as early in the race and can ride more of the questionable run up's. I have to make a few changes with the geometry, nothing too major, as adressing the slightly loose front end. I think the headset might be kinda loose, think i'll let the bike shop look at that. Gonna be at the Mabra champs?

gwadzilla said...

no cross for me until the Capital Cross Classic

even that is sounding iffy

not feeling inspired