some more images from M Street in Northwest DC

some more images from M Street in Northwest DC...

just some snaps with the point and shoot
the small hand held drop in the pocket point and shoot
the point and shoot that may have dropped to the ground one too many times

the tape holds the batteries in place
but the lens cover will not open
luckily is popped right off
so I still snapped some shots with it


if only I had an SLR

I have a camera that is SLR-like, the Panasonic Leica Lumix FZ-30
but it lacks the full functionality of an SLR

thinking of messing around with the broken point and shoot
there are thoughts of a pinhole camera
there are some thoughts of making the camera shoot in an infrared sort of effect

leaning towards the infrared sort of effect
a quick google brings up all sorts of DIY helpful hints

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