that klunkerz film has me chasing down various cycling ideas

today I went for a ride
it was a mellow ride as I am not feeling so well
but I needed to get out of the house
it was brisk
I dressed light knowing that it is not as cold as many of us think it is
we all tend to over react when the seasons change

like wearing shorts and t-shirts in early spring
we wear sweaters and hats a bit prematurely in fall

there will be time to bring out the cold weather gear soon enough
no need to pull the Lake Shoes off the shelf just yet

today as I rode some mellow fireroad width off road stuff on my squeaking karate monkey single speed I daydreamed about the film klunkerz
thoughts of the mountain bike at its genesis had me thinking of my introduction to the mountain bike

then I thought more about the film and also about one of my posts from the other day
I thought about performance and performance art
I thought about Jaquie Phelan and her drop bars on her old beater bike
I wondered if she rode that all the time or if she has gone modern
then I wondered about the history of that bike

so I googled Charlie Cunningham
there is a sticker on her bike with the drop bars

I thought it may read Charlie Cunningham
during my ride I had day dreamed about my Cunningham Powercams and whether they are in my parts bin or not
thought it would be cool to get an old rigid fork and set those brakes up and display them on the wall

google got me to the wiki page
charlie cunningham on the wiki page
it interested me to learn that Jacquie and Charlie are married
and that Charlie was once part of Wilderness Trail Bikes and is no longer part of WTB
Jacquie Phalen on the Wiki page

the cunningham bikes page looks as good as the charlie kelly page
only cleaner
I like the clean presentation
even if it has less information

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