THC: Totally Hard Core

This is THC
THC: Totally Hard Core

I do not know the full history
there is some legend and some lore around Chris Schmidt
as I said

I do not know the history of Chris Schmidt
I do not know of his success or failure as a messenger in alleycat races
I do not know of his success or failure on the road racing scene

but it is common knowledge that he is fast and that he did perform at a high level on the bike

maybe Jay Moglia will post his write up about Chris that appeared in SPOKES magazine a few years ago

Jay Moglia's Blog

Jay Moglia also has an interesting race history
racing, competing, performing at a level on the bike that so few could ever know


gwadzilla said...

ran into THC: Aka Chris Schmidt yesterday

there is a part of me that wants Chris to cross over to the dirt side of things

who knows...

maybe that will happen

Anonymous said...

THC: Totally Hard Core ?? No, you don't know his history. I was a messenger in DC around '94/95 and knew Chris. THC is not an acronym for Totally Hard Core. THC is an acronym for "Too High Chris". That boy was fast but his road racing training regiment consisted of vast quantities of booze and dope.

chris said...

Yeah...booze and dope..(always hate when herb is referenced as dope..indicates a straight laced anal ..bc dope can be confused with smack) anyway yeah booze and dope ok and you say this was what 94' n 95'.. sorta ancient history and about 13 or 14 yrs. ago. Lets keep the comments in this century.."boy". I believe gwadzilla was going for a more positive spin. yeah...riding fast can simply come out of a cloud of smoke as though a passage to another world..if only..and its the highest also.