there was cross this weekend... no cross for me

there was cross this weekend
no cross for me

no cross for me last weekend
more than likely no cross for me until The Capital Cross Classic in Reston

got out on my bike
the geared bike
had not been on the geared bike since the shenandoah mountain 100
the stem still had the photo I had taped for inspiration
the santa cap and snow flake photo from the mall is nearing the appropriate season

it was good to get out on the bike
good to get out on some rocks
good to get out and ride with some friends
some friends I have never really ridden with before

it was a good day on the bike
I am sore
it was not a fantastic technical day for me
the rocks really beat me up
the monkey can be a beast

part of my lack of comfort was lack of confidence
part of my lack of confidence was lack of confidence in my bike

did not do much more than air in the tires and then clean and lube the chain
the gears looked good
the brakes looked good in the stand

the brakes were not all that
and those brakes are never all that
the rear brake is an over decade old v-brake off my old Kona Explosif... steel Explosif... pre Scandium Explosif

still had a good day on the bike
just was not feeling all that confident

brought the camera
but the intention was to experience life
not to document life
so I only snapped a few shots with an old and tired point and shoot
a camera good enough not to care about bouncing around freely in my jersey pocket

my brother and some other DCMTB folks raced the RACE PACE event in Sykesville Maryland

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