traveling around the electronic bicycle culture

traveling around the electronic bicycle culture
chasing down some cycling ideas
chasing down some cycling minds

one eyed zeke has me revisiting the idea of the classes in cyclocross in the mid-atlantic
it is not really my issue
yet I do feel that it is an issue
the question of the classes?
this year they split the Men's Masters Category
it worked to a certain degree
the class did not get split in half
it really just got a little off the top
some say that the restructuring of the Masters Category should have involved the addition of a Masters C group as
that may well be true
a Masters C would take some bodies from the Standard C Class then pull some bodies out of the Masters B Class

there is also the absence of a Single Speed Cyclocross Class here in the Mid Atlantic
remember this is DC not Portland
Single Speed Cyclocross Nationals

then I wander across the pond to Wunnspeed
Wunnspeed had me thinking about the fit kit and the properly fitting bicycle
then the rants had me thinking of small business
it was time not so well spend sniffing Zip Kicker and hand building snowboards in a barn in Poolesville Maryland
Blair Boards is a story for another day
as I do not want to get my heart rate up
I fear that Wunnspeed gets his heart rate up when he talks about his custom bike experience

SSWC in NAPA 2008
the thought of the SSWC in NAPA is worth thinking about

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