lost dog...

it was cold
it was windy
it was approaching midnight cargo mike and i were pedalling head on into the wind after a pop in at max's house when a black dog danced across the street
mike dismounted and scrambled to gather the dog before it go caught in the grill of the cluster of on coming cars

not sure what to do mike and I walked for 5-10 blocks looking for the owner
the dog was on leash so it appeared that the dog may have just gotten out of the owner's hands
no person looking for a dog
no person walking a dog that may have known the owner of this dog

it was a happy go lucky labra-mutt
big head and stocky build
maybe 75 pounds
maybe a year and a half
a real good puller
very friendly

I was torn...
what to do... what to do?

we did a few loops
with no leads I took a glance into the future... it did not seem to be a good idea for me to bring the dog home
a few things could happen...
this dog and my dog could clash and I would have to keep them separated
worse yet... my dog gets along with the new puppy and my boys grow attached to the new dog
we do not locate the owner
then two months later we run into someone who claims to be the owner of the said dog

so we backtracked and I went into a neighborhood bar/restaurant
it was warm and cozy in Fire and Ice
the bar was packed and the kitchen was closed
I told my tale of woe the bartender and the hostess who was the mostess
they came outside the hostess fell weak to the affectionate big black dog
so I left the dog in her hands thinking that this problem was best to be solved locally
cargo mike and I got back on the bikes and pointed into the wind across town

I hope that this girl got the dog home alright
hopefully she can either find the dog's owner or offer the dog the home that it needs

when I told the story to my wife she responded as I feared...there was a "why didn't you bring him home?" sort of tone to her

a photo of my family from a few years ago
we had two dogs... now we have one

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Bradly Fletchall said...

And there's no such thing as a free dog or cat or any other pet for that matter. I would have handled the same way you did.