mondays can suck...

mondays can suck...
it can be hard to get out of the bed on a monday morning
then things can just steamroll into something worse

today could have been one of those monday mornings
but I am not going to let that happen
no... I will not let the idiots and assholes of the world taint my day

woke up...
assisted with the morning routine
sipped my coffee with a game of Memory
dean is good... but a few matches in the final moments and I finished with a slightly higher tally
score... I like to win!

with the boys dressed everyone funneled out the door
everyone moving a few minutes later than desired
such is the way for monday mornings

with the dog on the leash I headed for the woods for a quick loop in rock creek park
it was the usual morning madness
cars buzzing up and down the street
I waited for things to get clear
I waited for the light to turn red at the top of the block
when the lights are red facing downhill.... I know that it is all red for the cars that want to go downhill
the light turns yellow... then orange... then red
I let the first three cars scream by
as making the yellow or pushing the red is to be expected
with the lane headed up hill clear I started across the street I take my first step forward
then at the top of the hill comes one more car
not yellow... not orange... not freshly red
just red
a green honda crv comes around the blind curve headed right for me

the car is barreling down the hill on the slick leave covered road
I am in the point of intersection
rather than scramble out of the car's way
I stand steady and hold my ground with the dog close by my side
rather than slow it looks like she may try to break the double yellow line into oncoming traffic
I take a half step forward
she slows
she stops
I am not forced to show her that the spirit of Evel Knievel is within me
no... I do not have to jump over her speeding car

she is stopped
her window comes down and she is giving me so lip
the nerve of this bitch... speeding.... running the red light... no desired to yield to pedestrians
and now I have to hear her speak

no... I can tell by her expression that she is not humble
there is not facial expression of guilt or remorse
there is look of aggression and anger
rather than listen I shout back
she gets the C word
she gets reminded of the red light
no one hears the other
no one cares to listen to the other
as we each think we are more right
the only issue
I know that I am right and that she is a fricken c_nt
she is wrong and she should be humble
but no... she is an idiot... she is an asshole... she is a fricken c_nt

into the woods
serenity now
serenity now
it is nearly festivus for the rest of us so I find peace

back from the hike with the dog and into some riding gear
onto the bike and through the neighborhood
just two blocks from my house waiting at a stop light
my light turns green
just as I am about to enter the intersection a car comes through taking a left turn through the red light
nearly running me down
the driver is inches from me
her black suv is inches from me
I recognize the face
it is karen
her son is in my son's class

she is a sweet woman... but she nearly ran me down
I ride on
she pulls over
I wave rather than stall to talk
she knows she was wrong
no need to rub it in
she will get some lip next time we meet

I continue on the road taking my quick commute into work
with my camera dangling around my neck I snap some shots
I get some good shots of Lola and some wacky socks
then I get a few Copenhagen Girls On bikes sort of shots
one woman accepts the conversation and the photo opportunity
while another woman clearly changes her route to avoid the freak with the camera
the woman accepting the shot has a very unique vintage bike from Holland
I am stoked to have captured Lola and a commuter on a vintage bike
my mood is smoothed over
the idiots and assholes around me are all but forgotten

I think about the images on the camera and the images on the card
I remember some shots from the week prior that have not made it to surface yet
best to focus on the productive than what is not productive

the photo was stolen from

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Jim said...


Glad you're safe. Stuff like this makes me understand why people move to East Buddha, Wyoming, and live a half mile from tolerant neighbors who may be friendly but who like to keep their space. It makes me understand why people who live in small towns out in the heartland think we're all insane to live in big cities - because in fact we just might be.

Again, glad you're safe.