who would win in the battle MUDBUNNIES vs. VANDERKITTENS? mudbunnies stole this from local rob at rahlrob.blogspot.com

another link I found at Rob's
peter lives to tell the tale of war between the bicycle and the car
peter's tale of a not so typical ride home


Rocky6 said...

From the Mudbunnies blog:

"It was an honour to ride with Cam (McRae) at Silver Star and for him to ask me to join them. I packed my stuff and was off to Whistler to ride with the big boys, (more like young bucks that could throw down like crazy). We sessioned the 4-pack on A-line; watching these boys throw down 3’s and huge tables, and suicides just made me want to learn more and ride harder. Watchin’ them in the boneyard, was like a front row seat to the best concert in town!"

Sounds outstanding, I just wish I understood a single word. I'm too old, sigh.

Jim said...

Gwadz, I think in a death match between MudBunnies and VanDerKitten... as long as we got to watch, we'd *all* be winners.