not much riding... not many words

I am thinking there is a correlation
the higher the word count
the greater the miles
the greater quality of miles
the greater quantity of miles

currently there has not been much of either
not much riding
not much racing
have not really played on the bike since my brother threw together that informal cross practice at fort reno and gambrills with some of dcmtb the week before that
sure there has been a dab here and there on dirt
a few spins on the paved trails
and of course the post work wrestling match with rush hour traffic
but the numbers have dropped significantly
some call it tapering
others call it slacking

a cold... the weather... other responsibilities
my reality? or my excuses?

guess that is why there are so many more images than words these days
well... and the simple fact
if my time is spent on images
then there is not always time for words

1 comment:

specwick said...

It's always fun 2 ride in da snow, both on and off-road. Not 2 cold 2day.