not much time taking pictures

not much time taking pictures
spent my time living life rather than documenting life

here are a few shots from around kent and paula's cabin in west virginia just outside of franklin

mountain biking in shorts in december? yes!
shorts the day after some spectacular early season cross country skiing at Whitegrass? hell yes!

kent got some photos of people mountain biking and cross country skiing... maybe he will email them and I can post them
I meant to snap more photos
ended up only snapped a few
failed to capture any photos of the interior of the cabin
yet I fear that photos would fail to capture things as they really are
much like the absence of a vampire's reflection in the mirror
the detail, all the wood, did i mention the detail and the wood?
the cabin is unreal

definitely an organic space that has a creative energy to it
comfort and warmth
and so much space that the word cabin is not entirely fitting

took a few photos
there were seven or eight of us in the group

somehow i only managed to capture a few photos of a few people
no photos of six men in the hot tub... thank goodness
no photos of night frisbee with LED Frisbees either
did not travel the weekend with my camera around my neck

in these shots kent, swampy, cargo mike, and myself are pictured
oh... in addition to my black dog brutus
kent had his two black dogs on site as well; Apollo and Rocky
everyone got alone well enough

the mist and the clouds would blow in and out all day
there was some rain in the night... pretty clear other than some mist in the day
this climate is accustom to such things
mountain biking was not effected by the rain
we were wise to cross country ski on saturday rather than sunday

sunday may have been too bare for trekking in the woods on skies
there was still snow on saturday from thursday's snow

sunday I was sore and tired
the evening rain had me hesitant about riding
but... after a hike up the ridge with The Swamp Rat (aka pat riggins) I saw that the conditions would be a tad slick on the leaves but ridable
we geared up and spun our bikes up the hill
four on bikes... one on foot... and another on bike headed on a different route on the fire roads

the dogs ran by our sides as john ran on foot

after the ride there was some more time to hang out
some time to clean up our muddy buddies and the house
with our bags packed we all got in our cars and headed back to the city
leaving the cabin behind us
everyone wondering if we were well behaved enough to be invited back

I know Paula hosted a women's mountain bike and yoga retreat a few weeks back
maybe Kent will host another boys' weekend in the months to come
hope I am invited and available to attend!


the original big ring said...

nice dog

gwadzilla said...

he is a good dog
a real good dog

he went on the ride with us and did a good job staying out of the way

I seldom post to this other page
but when Brutus' brother Roscoe died I blogged about it