out collecting merit badges...

this weekend past I went for a "boy's weekend" in west virginia
friend and fellow member of DCMTB, Kent Baake, invited a bunch of his friends up to his cabin in west virginia
it was spectacular
it was fantastic
it was surreal

kent and his wife paula own a cabin on the top of a ridge in the mountains of west virginia
it is something that I will not try to explain
as it is not really a cabin and not really a house
it is more of an athletic compound
if david koresh had been an outdoorsmen instead of a religious freak
this would have been his compound
this place is awesome

about an hour from harrissonburg
about an hour from canaan valley
right in the middle of the mountains
a great launching pad for climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, skiers/snowboarders, whatever!
we did as much as we could do in our weekend stay

XC Skiing at Whitegrass
short hikes around the compound
hot tubing and zip lines
lots of good meals
two nights midnight sessions of frisbee with LED discs
archery and mountain biking
and lots of laughing
and lots of good times

it was awesome
more photos and more words on this later


Squirrel said...

You and Kent may get a kick out of this piece I made while being Iced in on Tuesday:)


gwadzilla said...

cool sculpture squirrel