oh man... I am lame
I am totally lame
I am a totally lame type A slacker
a total slacker

I bought this awesome hot sauce from a guy in VA beach
somehow I remember to put the sauce on my soup, my chips, and even my popcorn
and well... while I have remembered to spice up each and every meal with Speed's #44
somehow I have failed to send James the check
yet I come home to find a package in the mail
seems that James wanted to replace the bottle that broke in the previous shipment... three of the four bottles survived
james sent me a bonus bottle

finally I have a stamp, a check, and an envelope in the same place at the same time
just need to mail it

I am a total slacker
but the hot sauce is fantastic
wish I had brought some with me to west virginia this weekend past
we had some nachos that could have used them
and had I had the sauce I would have been inspired to cook up some eggs

Speedy @ myspace


Squirrel said...

Broke me bottle out for Sundays bfast.....very good stuff:)


Icon O. Classt said...

Pay the man, already!

Gotta order me some soon. Good stuff!

gwadzilla said...


the check is in the mail...

I paid at the office

and yes
I suck
I would be pissed if I was selling something to some slacker and they were slow with the check!

MRussell said...

I had some of Speedy's #44 today at lunch on my quesadilla. Good Stuff.
mail it.

2drunk2shift said...

Don't worry guys I knew he was good for it. Gwads, did you get your famous new 2drunk2shift sticker? Oh yeah, the note with the check was in green crayon. Awesome.

2drunk2shift said...

Don't worry guys he paid up. Gwads, did you get your famous new 2drunk2shift sticker? The note with the check was written in green crayon. I hope it was crayola. Peace