taking pictures...

not everyone wants there picture taken
there are people I see and I just know that asking them to take their photo is not an option

since I know that they will say no
I do not bother to ask

not to mention there are shots that are meant to be candid and there are shots that will work well enough posed

I try to have my posed shots come off relaxed

this guy with the silver wig would more than like look better candid
I am confident that he would not allow me to take his picture

the other morning I ran into kevin dillard
I rolled up with the camera dangling around my neck
before he could say good morning I was snapping the shutter

kevin and I are buddies
I know kevin does not want his photo taken
but I take it anyway
I think kevin would nice in that silver wig

kevin dillard at velo photos
kevin dillard at demon cats

kevin dillard is a good dude
I wonder how his race went today
I look forward to seeing his photos from tomorrows reston race
as for me
I will not be racing the capital cross classic

I used what I had towing the boys around in the trailer today

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