my holiday prediction

my holiday prediction...

this will be the season of the helicopter

each holiday season there is a toy theme that dominates the market
this year it seems to be the remote control helicopter

any tips?

durability is as vital as control

there seem to be some good 20 dollar options
does more money bring me more?


Russ said...

The helicopters were hot last year too. I got one last year $25 and it lasted the office gauntlet of people screwing with it. They took a pretty good beating, but control of the aircraft it limited. Not suited for little kids (ages 10 and up in my opinion).

gwadzilla said...

super hot this year!

and well

my kids want em
they are not concerned with age recommendations
they just want helicopters!

Russ said...

The helicopters this year are a much cooler design than last year. Just so you know they are an indoor only toy. But it will occupy kids for quite a while.