18th and M Street.. snowing now

the other day I stopped by The Georgetown Running Company to get some running shoes
much like when this location was a bar... I left with nothing

the sales person at the georgetown running company was helpful enough
there was the sizing of the feet
then the walking and running exercise
he had me try on a few shoes
the shop lacked a trail running shoe in my size

it was awkward
awkward in the same way it can be when a salesman is trying to sell me a bicycle
for some reason this guy was suggesting that I would be better off with a standard running shoe over the trail running shoe
without trying to be argumentative I asked if the majority of my running was to be off road why would I not want a trail running shoe

there was not even one trail running shoe to try on
so I left with nothing

this morning when I took Brutus on the standard loop across the street I jogged instead of walked
my shoes were those funky Oakley shoes

I need to buy some shoes
my next stop will be Hudson Trail
hopefully they are more versed in the merits of trail running shoes
I figure if they make a shoe for trail running it would be better for trail running than a standard running shoe
but I am going to ask around
maybe I will leave with some shoes from Husdon Trail

snowing now...
it was just cold when i took these photos yesterday or the day before

I have not registered yet
lisa and I talked about the approaching Backyard Burn Series
we need to compare calendars
I need to get a calendar
this planning stuff is new to me


Fritz said...

For some reason I can't leave a comment on your Pipe blog entry, but good eye on that one!

gwadzilla said...

can't comment
maybe because I was editing the text
it was in electronic limbo

personally I prefer the below shot with me in the window