18th and Park and 18th and M Street both in Northwest

18th and Park after work

18th and M Street during lunch
both in Northwest DC

this morning as we all hustled about trying to get ready for our day my older son Dean said... "I want to live somewhere where it snows."
after a short pause Dean continue... "if it is going to be this cold... at least it could snow!"

I understand... I feel the same way

I too often question why we live in Washington DC

Politics are not my thing
I am not the CEO of some corporation that has its national headquarters in DC
no... I am just a working stiff who lives and works in the District

wouldn't it be nice to live in an area where we were closer to the ski hill, closer to the trailhead, closer to some real mountain biking

Dean has only skied a few times... but he would love to live somewhere where he can ski more often
sometimes I wish we lived somewhere where life was more simple and we could do things like ski on a weekday

it is scary to think that we could leave the comfort of what we have here
then I think about what life could be

would life be better in the Rockies?

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