again... not sure what to say

again... not sure what to say
you look at the photo and think your own caption

I am a little curious about this man
his lunch meeting and his choice of attire


crs said...

You think the dress shoes have SPD cleats?

GhostRider said...

Holy Shit...that's Mario Cipollini! See, once you're off "the sauce", you age really quickly.

gwadzilla said...

I think those shoes were TIME compatible
and yes
this man's muscle tone does not look as firm as it once was

coachmike said...

I know that man...he used to work at revolution part time ...he and his wife do loooong rides on their fixed gears...9 centuries in successive days in cali is one I can think of. Can't say I have done anything like that

gwadzilla said...

come on coach

you wouldn't kid a kid!??!?