another sexy cyclist

another sexy cyclist
no I did not take the photo

a not so sexy cyclist


Anna Kelso said...

...wow, she's a hottie
Thanks for the good press!

mikejoos said...

daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm that girl is fine!!!

crs said...

I ride a lot, perhaps too much , and I never see hot girls out on the road or trail...and I am single probably because I ride too much and the race season has not even begun yet...ahh the circle of life!! Time to ride...alone!! Hook a brother up!!

gwadzilla said...

this is a blog
not a dating service
but you give me fifty bucks
I will put in a good word
give me a hundred bucks and I will get you her email
two hundred gets you her phone number
five hundred bucks...
well... I will lie and say what a great guy you are

fridrix said...

A refreshing change from sweaty guys in spandex.

Icon O. Classt said...

Gwadzi, you throwing in a ticket to Papua New Guinea on that offer? The rest is kinda pointless without it. ;)