wanted to put some unrelated words here

not much time to hang out with the camera
too cold to really want to walk at lunch with the camera
but in my short steps to grab some chinese food I was able to snap a few shots
calling ahead was an option
but instead I dropped in and ordered some kung pow and hot and sour from mei wah
then took to the streets with the camera
figured I could head over to the new District Hardware location
nothing bike shop related
wanted to grab a pulley and some string
I had purchased a bird feeder and some feed but have yet to put things in place

in the short blocks from work to mei wah
from mei wah to district hardware and back to mei wah then back to work there were a few passing cyclists

those in addition to the ones I shot photo of on my ride into work

not a bicycle a trike

still pretty cool
and on a day like this beyond cool... cold
I think that there is a leather blanket that snaps on these bikes and wraps around the legs
at speed out in the open
on a day like today
brisk to say the least

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