snapped this shot in the morning
then at the end of the day on my way home I ran into this gentleman again
the camera was in the bag so we just shot the shit for a few city blocks
that is a long day... that is an expenditure of a great deal of energy

speaking of energy...

does this sound like a commercial?
well it is not... it is a plug!

my buddy Kent has expanded his business efforts into Continuum Energy Solutions
check out his page... it you are a home owner in DC or the surrounding areas give a thought to going green! check out Kent's information about Solar Options!

this is the same Kent who hosted the West Virginia Weekend in December
Kent will be giving a talk in Vienna on January 30th
this event is FREE and is sponsored by Chesapeake Climate Action Network

contact me if you need more information

here is a photo of that same guy with a different bike and a different hairstyle

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